Sunday, September 19, 2010

Wager Matches, New Gametype In CoD Black Ops

 Black Ops

Wager Matches are a new game type introduced in Call Of Duty Black Ops, in which a player wagers his CoD points against other players. The top three players are "In the Money", meaning they earn CoD points. There will be six players in each Wager Match. So far, 4 game modes have been confirmed.

Gun Game - Based off a Counter Strike mod. All players start with a pistol. Players will level up with each kill, giving them a new gun. Knifing does not give a new level. If a player is knifed, they will move down a level. They game ends when someone achieves a kill with all twenty weapons.
The weapon tiers are :

  1. Python  (Snub Nose and Speed Reloader attachments)
  2. Makarov Dual Wield
  3. SPAS
  4. Stakeout
  5. MP5K
  6. Skorpion Dual Wield
  7. AK-74u
  8. M14
  9. M16A1
  10. FAMAS
  11. Aug
  12. HK21
  13. M60
  14. L96A1
  15. WA2000
  16. Grim Reaper
  17. LAW
  18. China Lake
  19. Crossbow
  20. Ballistic Knife

 Sticks and Stones - A Free For All style game. Everyone starts with a Tomahawk , Crossbow and Ballistic Knife. Players earn points with kills, and the match ends when a player reaches the score limit, or if the time limit is reached.
 If a player is killed by a Tomahawk, they will "Bankrupt" losing all points, and having to start again, from 0. They first player to reach the score limit, or the player with the highest score when the time limit is reached, wins.

One in the Chamber - Another Free for All like game. All players start with a random pistol, with one round in it (hence the name). An additional bullet will be given to the player with each kill. In this game mode, one shot from the pistol, even to the foot will kill. Knifing also supplies the player with another bullet. Players will have three lives in this game mode.

Sharpshooter - All of the players will spawn with the same random weapon. After 45 seconds. another weapon will be randomly selected. Each kill will give players a perk, and eventually a score multiplier.
The requirements to win are currently unknown, but it would not surprise us if it will be a score limit.

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