Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Call Of Duty Black Ops Perks

Black Ops



Perks in Call Of Duty Black Ops will be unlocked at level 4. Tier one perks (blue) will change the players appearance. Treyarch has also said that some perks will require more than one set of challanges to unlock the pro version. Many of the perks introduced in Modern Warfare 2 will return, some identical, some slightly changed (Bling will be renamed Warlord, Sitrep to Hacker). Tier one perks will change the players ingame appearance (Ghost will give players ghillie suits on some maps, players with Scavenger will have more ammo packs on their bodies)

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First Tier

Perk Name Primary Effect Pro Effect Perk Icon
Lightweight Faster Movement Faster firing after sprinting File:BO Perk Lightweight.png
Scavenger Pick up ammo from dead bodies Extra starting ammo File:BO Perk Scavenger.png
Ghost Undetectable by Spy Planes and Blackbirds No red name or crosshairs File:BO Perk Ghost.png
Flak Jacket Reduce explosive damage Unknown File:BO Perk Flak Jacket.png
Hardline One less kill for a Killstreak Unknown

File:BO Perk Hardline.png

Second Tier

Perk Name Primary Effect Pro Effect Perk Icon
Hardened Increased bullet penetration UnknownFile:BO Perk Hardened.png
Scout Longer hold breath Unknown
File:BO Perk Scout.png
Steady Aim Increased hip fire accuracy UnknownFile:Steady Aim Black Ops.png
Sleight of Hand Faster reload time Faster aiming down the sights File:Sleight-of-hand.png
Warlord Two primary weapon attachments Two secondary weapon attachments File:Warlord.png

Third Tier

Perk Name Primary Effect Pro Effect Perk Icon
Marathon Increased sprint duration No fall damage File:MarathonBO.png
Ninja Silent movement Undetectable by enemy Camera Spikes and Motion Sensors File:Ninja.png
Second Chance Use a pistol while bleeding out prior to death Unknown File:Second-chance.png
Hacker Detect enemy equipment Sabotage enemy care packages and turn enemy killstreak rewards and equipment friendly File:BO Perk Hacker.png
Tactical Mask Reduces the effects of flash and concussion grenades Unknown File:BO Perk Tactical Mask.png

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