Monday, September 20, 2010

Black Ops Contracts

Black Ops

Contracts are a new feature in Call of Duty Black Ops with which players will earn CoD points, the ingame currency.Contracts are bought with CoD points, but completing a contract rewards more points that the amount that was paid for the contract. Most contracts require you to kill a certain amount of players with a specific weapon or killstreak. Contracts can expire, and you have a limited time to finish them (the time limit is measured in ingame time, whilst alive).

Mercenary Contracts

SPAS Cruelty
Twin Mags
Lord of the SMG
AK47u Ferocity
AUG Ferocity
Assault Rifle Prodigy
Smells like...Victory
Blackbird In Position
Attack Dogs Unleashed
MPL Brutality

Operations Contracts

TDM Victor
CTF Tornado
Headquarters Tornado
TDM Bloodbath
Domination Blood Bath
S&D Blood Bath
Free-For-All Warrior
Headquarters Barbarian
CTF Titan
Demolition Warlord

Specialist Contracts

Steel Meets Spine
M72 LAW Killer
Ballistic Knife Killer
Tears Taste So Sweet
WA2000 Expert
Elite Precision
A True Soldier

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